Tuesday, March 27, 2012

JOHO Car Boot Sale @ TWTUPJohor

As u know we were joining the Car Boot Sale at TWTUPJOHOR on 3rd March 2012..
But we still didn't have the chance to upload pictures during the events..
So ladies, 
Here are the pictures..
Thanks to those who come to our booth and purchase with Merah Cinta Hati..
What a hot n lovely day...

The event

The Banner

Yours Truly

The Event

The Crowds

The Founder & Partner

 The Anchor of TwtupJohor Mr @faliqfahmie

The crowds at night

Its a fun event...
So much support from Johorean..
Thanks again to those who support us at Merah Cinta Hati..

Merah Cinta Hati

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Engagement kurung modern for Miss Reena

Teaser for engagement kurung modern for Miss Reena by Merah Cinta Hati n Wedding Desire..

Call us if u r interested to get ur dream engagement n wedding dress